Hello! This is Sweet Delight. I want to inform you about how to get the password for my blog so you can access the compilations you want to download.

First of all, It’s all about Jessica Jung. Because of her, I make a blog for the compilations photos, videos and everything else related to her. So, you guys can download all compilations of Jessica on my blog without any difficulty… And I’d like to thank the viewers that enjoyed my compilation posts. I feel so happy and it makes me want to work harder to compiles more of Jessica photos, videos, etc in the future. Especially for ! 😉 I will anticipate it~

Follow these steps if you want to get the password.

  1. Follow Sweet Delight on twitter.
  2. You should leave comments on the post of compilations that  you’ve downloaded in this blog. At least 5 comments.
  3. You can mention Sweet Delight on twitter to ask the password and don’t forget to include the ID you used to comments on this blog and a title of post you want to download.
  4. Then I’ll give the password in the Direct Message.
  5. If you want to get more password, you need to leave a comment on the post you’ve gotten the password before. And it always be like that on how to get another password for another posts.