[DL] 2017 V LIVE Compilations

All compilations by Sweet Delight. If you want to share my compilations to other site, please take out with full credit.

2017 V LIVE APP Compilations || videos || © soshistagram || Reposted by sweetdelight418@twitter || Disclaimer: For personal use only. Do not edit and remove watermark. Do not re-upload. Provide proper credits when taken out of SweetDelight.


  1. 170415 수연이 생파🌼봄이라서 그래 || DOWNLOAD (SUBTITLE AVAILABLE)
  2. 170701 싱가폴에서 시카가 || DOWNLOAD (SUBTITLE AVAILABLE)
  3. 170709 파리에서 시카가💋 || DOWNLOAD (SUBTITLE AVAILABLE)
  4. 170718 jessica tuesday ✨ || DOWNLOAD (SUBTITLE AVAILABLE)
  5. 170725 제시카 캐스팅해준 언니와  || DOWNLOAD (SUBTITLE AVAILABLE)
  6. 170728 대만에서 시카가🌼 || DOWNLOAD (SUBTITLE AVAILABLE)



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