[TRANS] 2015 Woman Sense March Issue


[TRANS] 150310 Jessica @ Woman Sense March Issue || Trans: J, Yulsic’s Always One || Reposted: sweetdelight418@twitter


At the end of September last year, Jessica has stopped working in group SNSD and focused on business expansion as head – designer of the brand BLANC & EC1ARE. B&E is a fashion brand operates primarily in Chinese speaking areas and is headquartered in HongKong. At starting, the company used glasses as the main product, but then to expand the brand of business, the name was changed to the current one. Currently, with the state of not enough glasses to sale, we can predict the popularity of B&E.

“I was surprised because the brand has received much greater love than my expecting. And I was also surprised that B&E can be developed quickly to this level. Recently, I usually travel and simultaneously prepare for the new collection of B&E. I’m the type who has to find inspiration for designs while travelling. The purpose of these trip is not sightseeing (smile). Every day, because of frequently business trips and meetings, I’m too busy to know how to think.”

Her stand-out fashion taste has been appreciated since she was still in SNSD. Instead of chasing the latest fashion trends, she loves the costumes that can be stored and long lasted. Her identified item is glasses. In fact, just only with a glass, she was able to create a perfect fashion style. So it is the stuff that she should definitely bring it out. In addition, recently she also loves the boots. Or skinny jeans, skirts and dresses to suit any venue, she also always take with herself.

“If you use one word to describe my fashion style, “modern and classic” seems to be the most appropriate one. I want to share my thoughts about the fashion to many people. And I want to get closer with everybody who has difficulty in creating their own style. For such purpose, I have created my own fashion brand”

So, what the result of that effort is? Recently, popup store was launched in Korean opening within 4h has earned 10 million won. The shawl consists of 2 types: 2014 with 3 colors: grey, navy, pink with combining motifs stripes and 1989 with 3 colors: grey, black, camel classic style and the glasses recent launched has made strong reactions. Currently, because of insufficient number of product, cause difficulties for the trade. This can be seen as an opportunity to challenge the dream of becoming a designer by the brand B&E of her own.

“When I started with a glasses brand, 1 always wanted people to have expectation of different types of designed glasses. In my opinion, the best of B&E is Paris glasses. I’m the type of people who always wear glasses when go outside. And my favorite design is Cat’s Eye one.”

At the moment, the expansion of B&E has completed in 8 countries and planed on 10 more countries. When was asked about Korea market, she said that in this year, more branches will open. We can see that the products get more popular even in Korea market.

“My favorite brand is Chanel. I’ve been in love with this brand since I was small. Even when I grew up, I still love the unchangeable classic of Chanel. Even though there’s still long way, I hope that B&E will be an international brand which got love from all over the world. When people said “Modern and classic”, they will think ofB&E.”

The truth is when she was still in SNSD, she has showed her love for fashion design. Jessica, since was still a child, is always interested in shoes. When goes shopping with her mother, she usually tries all kind of shoes, even adult’s ones. In teenager’s years, shopping mall is her paradise. Her sister, Krystal, gave her opinion and encouraged Jessica to design fashion items that Krystal wanted to wear. Also, Krystal advised Jessica to try in fashion business. The whole family has supported a lot. Because the business is just at the beginning, Jessica is under pressure of being called “businessman”. With her, happiness is simply finding inspiration, learning and designing non-stop.

“Because of starting business with my name, sometimes I felt pressured a lot. When I have to face difficulties, my family is where I can trust in. They always understand and stay by my side. I’m happy when there’s always friends who stay and support me, no matter what happens.”

Jessica usually stays alone in the weekends, even when travelling. As being a thinker, she likes thinking while there’s just only her there. Recently, she’s been doing aerobics in the morning, for her packed schedule. In addition, a clear brain after exercising will help with designing thing. Moreover, one of her hobbies is SNS. Since Korean fans said something about Jessica just used Weibo for sharing information, she has started to use Instagram for communicating not only with Korean fans but also international fans.

“I usually miss my fans. With me, they’re family. Getting through things with them makes everything seems simple. Because of missing them., I’m sure to meet them in the future. Back to stage? More than missing, it’s suspense, since from now, I will be on stage more and more.”

She said that not only as a singer, she’ll be on stage with many other activities. Even though it’s still secret now, she hopes that everyone will look forward to. With those words, we can see her strong will.

With her efforts and passion, Jessica has achieved her design childhood dream. Between all scandals about being left out of the group or doing on purpose, we can be sure that she’s a girl who is not afraid of facing challenge. That is the reason why we can hope in another Jessica, outside stage.

Jessica does aerobic exercise in the morning these days to gain energy for exhausting schedules.

J: I’m really happy to have people who always stand by me, be on my side and support me no matter what

J: My family is a place which I can lean on and believe in. They always understand and stand by me.

J: To me, the best product of B&E is the Paris. The design I like the most is the Cat-Eye.

J: I travel a lot to get inspired to design. I dont know how everyday goes since I’m really busy with business trip and meetings.





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