[TRANS] 2016 CeCi China April Issue



[TRANS] 160329 Jessica @ Ceci China April Issue || Trans: hyori_sunie || Reposted: sweetdelight418@twitter

Early March, Jessica received an exclusive invite by CeCi China to attend Paris Fashion Week F/W ’16. She will be the cover girl for the magazine’s April Issue. Paris weather is unpredictable ang while our crew wore thick winter clothing. Jessica braved the cold winds and proceeded with the shoot clad only in lightweight clothing meant for spring & summer. It was so cold her lips were trembling but she oozed an irresistible aura that screams superiority once the cameras started rolling.

Jessica has this ‘cute little girl’ side to her, she takes selfies with fans, and never hides her gluttony for delicious ice-cream. If the staffs have any item that catchers her eye, she will smile and say: “this is so pretty! You just bought it?”

Jessica is someone who stays true to herself. She will never say no to fans’ requests for selfies if she has time, and tries her best to accede to requests for autographs. On the night of March 9, fans started chanting: “Jessica, Jessica, Jessica….” as the staffs were escorting Jessica after the Kenzo show. We thought she will just smile and wave but Jessica joined the crowd and even did a little dance. Everyone was in good spirits.

Before Jessica returned to Korea, she hugged each and every one of us at the hottle lobby, telling us she had a great time and she hopes to work with CeCi China again.

CeCi : What are your thoughts on working with CeCi China for Paris Fashion Week?

Jess : I had a great time attending Paris Fashion Week with CeCi China. We accomplished many things within a week.

CeCi : When did you dream of being a fashion designer?

Jess : I have always been attracted to fashion since young. My mom has to drag me out of the mall everytime, especially from the shoes section. It has been 20 years but nothing much has changed, except my shoe size (laughs). 

CeCi : Blanc & Eclare is popular even though it has only been established for 1,5 years. You must feel proud as the Creative Director!

Jess : As we all know, managing a fashion brand is not a simple feat. We owe it to our team and their hard work. Of course we still have a long journey ahead, but I believe we are working towards the right direction.

CeCi : What is your definition of ‘modern classic’? What is Blanc & Eclare’s design concept?

Jess : “Modern Classic” is a phrase frequently brought up at our B&E office. We try our best to ensure our designs, while maintaining its characteristics, are still able to keep up with the times (I think this is a key element of a successful brand), by creating classing designs with a modern silhouette, I think defines modern classic.

CeCi : You once said travelling inspires you, now that you are so busy, do you still have time to travel? What are you other sources of inspiration?

Jess : Its difficult to travel purely for leisure when I am busy, but I still try my best to squeeze the time our, because as you’ve mentioned, most of my designs are travel-inspired. My other source of inspiration is people close to me, they motivate me to come up with many great ideas.

CeCi : What is your choice of clothing when travelling and during your personal time?

Jess : Something comfortable, my go-to outfit is a simple white T-shirt paired with jeans. 

CeCi : What do you find toughest as a fashion designer?

Jess : Its tough to pay attention to every single detail. Having an eye for detail is the most important factor. It defines the success or failur of a fashion brand. I put in my best effort and make sure to oversee every stage of production.

CeCi : What is the brand development and direction for the future of Blanc & Eclare?

Jess : We always say “slow down, and advance step by step”, to estabilsh a successful and long-lasting business, a lot of time and thought are put into crafting and actualizing plans. Success cannot be rushed.

CeCi : Are you the type to bottle up your feelings and swallow your tears? Or are you the prideful sort who never yields to fear and move forward until success is achieved?

Jess : I have learnt to accept change, to embrace the current situation. If you insist on dwelling on the past, you will eventually end up hurting yourself.

CeCi : For 2016, do you have any movie, drama, or singing projects in China?

Jess : I enjoy working in China very much and hope to learn more about China. I will be participating in more TV dramas, movies, and variety shows. You guys will see a Jessica who continually grow and flourish, stay tuned! Right now, I am learning Chinese earnestly! I hope my Chinese will improve by leaps and bounds, and then perhaps I will be able to do an interview in Chinese! (laughs)

CeCi : We heard you will be launching your solo album soon, can you tell us what genre of music your album will be?

Jess : Every song in the album is meticulously chosen by my team and I, We put in a tremendous amount of effort and gave it our 100%. In a way, every song is a gift from me to my fans. They consist of many different elements and genres of music that I like. You guys will understand once you listen to it.

CeCi : You once said “music is a olatfor that allows me to communicate with the audience using my voice, whereas more effort is required behind the scenes for fashion, this is something entirely new to me and I like that.” Whixh title do you prefer between singer and designer?

Jess : It’s like asking me to choose between my mom and my dad. They are both equally important to me so its hard to choose one before the other. I have been a singer throughout my career but fashion is something I have always held close to my heart since young, and it still is.

CeCi :  We presented new concepts for “latest Asian trends”, what is your take on “latest Asian trends”?

Jess : The best is something that complements your style, and jeans suit me the best (laughs).

CeCi : Do you prefer to be made-up or bare-faced? Any skincare secrets you wish to share?

Jess : I try to stay make-up free as much as possible and adequate amount of moisturizing is the secret to good skin. You cannot afford to be lazy when it comes to skincare, no matter how tired.

CeCi : Your next destination for vacation?

Jess : Pienza, Italy.

CeCi : What do you want to achieve most in 2016?

Jess : It’s the same every year and that is to meet my fans more often. I hope the release of my new album will help me achieve this goal.




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