[ENGSUB] 160307 CeCi China Interview (Quick Q&A)



[ENGSUB] 160307 Jessica @ CeCi China Interview  || Subbed: Eden Zheng || Compiled: sweetdelight418@twitter 


[ Quick Q&A ]

CeCi : Favorite blood type?

Jess : Blood type B

CeCi : The best dish you can cook?

Jess : Fried Rice

CeCi : Favorite colour

Jess : White

CeCi : Who is more mischievous between you and Krystal?

Jess : Ah so hard.. We both are

CeCi : Tote bag or clutch?

Jess : Clutch!

CeCi : Key point between lipstick or eyeliner in makeup is?

Jess : Lipstick

CeCi : Sleeping mask or face mask?

Jess : Face mask

CeCi : iPhone or samsung?

Jess : iPhone

CeCi : Flat shoes or high heels?

Jess : Flat shoes

CeCi : Coffee or tea?

Jess : Tea

CeCi : Ideal type?

Jess : Semeone who is attentive

CeCi : Favourtie fashion icon?

Jess : Mira Duma

CeCi : Favourite zodiac sign?

Jess : Aries

CeCi : Kimchi soup or pizza?

Jess : Kimchi soup

CeCi : Dog or Cat?

Jess : Dog

CeCi : Pants or skirt?

Jess : Pants

CeCi : Favourite brand?

Jess : Chanel

CeCi : Favourite fashion style?

Jess : T-shirt and jeans

CeCi : Favourite city?

Jess : New York




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